Overheated Rhetoric on Tax Reform

Michael D. Tanner

Even in a town where overheated rhetoric comes as naturally as
breathing, the reaction to the Senate version of the Republican tax
bill has been somewhat … unhinged.

“Armageddon,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned, calling
it “the worst bill in the history of Congress,” as it apparently
surpasses the Alien-Sedition Acts, the Fugitive Slave Act, the
Indian Removal Act, Prohibition, and the Gulf of Tonken Resolution,
among others. Liberal journalist Kurt Eichenwald agreed that
“America died tonight,” urging, “Millenials: move away if you can.
USA is over. We killed it.” And disgruntled former Republican
strategist Bruce Bartlett decried the bill for “raping” middle

Maybe not.

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